Based on our Colortec technology Dansk Wilton introduced our latest carpet quality DW TWIST.

DW Contract TWIST


TWIST combine hard-twisted yarn and normal velvet yarn creating an outstanding surface and a special 3D effect. The mix of yarns creates a shimmering texture offering a luxurious and unique carpet solution.

The extraordinary surface makes  TWIST perfect for elegant hotel rooms and stylish suites. TWIST has been developed with larger and selected high-end hospitality projects in mind.

TWIST range from 1100 g/m2 to 1500 g/m2 and is produced with an integrated felt backing which optimizes the handling process during installation.


That little extra… DW TWIST is received exceptionally well. It has been chosen for some of the most exquisite Projects around the globe, adding that Little extra luxury.

Get inspired by our new DW TWIST Story created by our highly skilled design team. View the DW TWIST Story in our new booklet here.


The Certificates and Specifications can be downloaded from the download page here.

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