Die Teppichbodenlösung von Dansk Wilton für das Motel L Stockholm passt mit seinem Fokus auf Design, Komfort und Nachhaltigkeit perfekt zum neuen Hotelkonzept.


March 2015

Bold design and sustainability in MOTEL L, Stockholm
Fully in line with current trends, Motel L focuses on a “clean conscience”. The focus is on a healthy indoor climate as well as on the efforts to reduce the environmental impact and thus run a sustainable business. A good reason to choose a carpet solution from Dansk Wilton.

Today’s hotels are facing new demands due to the strong competition in the hotel market and changing preferences among travellers. To meet today’s requirements, Ligula Hospitality Group has built the first hotel in a brand new hotel concept: Motel L in Stockholm. The parameters for ensuring the success are design/atmosphere, comfort and sustainability.

The carpet solution from Dansk Wilton goes hand in hand with both the strong design element, and the focus on the good indoor climate:
“With carpets from Dansk Wilton we have found a solution that ensures a strong expression in regards to the design, both in terms of the design itself and, not least, the very bright colours. In addition, carpets in wool contribute to a healthy indoor climate for our hotel guests” – Annika Öman, Hotel Director, Motel L

Highest environmental certification
The hotel is built according to the Swedish environmental certification system “Miljöbyggnad”, with the highest certification. Therefore, there is extra focus on the “health” of the materials used in the building. Dansk Wilton has delivered custom designed Colortec carpets for rooms and corridors, as well as an Axminster carpet for the associated restaurant.

Design as extra competitive factor
The impressive design elements and relaxed atmosphere is ensured by a strong graphic identity, which also includes graphic illustrations and patterns by the designer Lisa Bengtsson on the walls around the entire hotel. The exciting décor is emphasized by the selected interior from Muuto, Erik Jørgensen, Tom Dixon among others. Beds and linen of extra high quality reflect the focus on comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Competitive prices in central Stockholm
In addition to the focus on design, comfort and sustainability, the room rate is an important competitive factor for the new hotel concept. Prices start at 70 EUR, and are thus attractive considering being in central Stockholm – a crucial element when the hotel guests at the same time get a great experience in an inviting design hotel with an excellent indoor climate.

Carpet Facts

Ligula Hospitality Group

MOTEL L, Stockholm

Carpet solution:
Custom designed Colortec carpets for rooms and corridors and an Axminster carpet for the associated restaurant.