In Focus

Get an insight into the lives of some of the creative people in the hospitality industry in a series of articles we call ‘In Focus’.

The people behind fantastic hotel and cruise interiors

Nedgé Louis-Jacques

Title: Partner and Senior Vice President
Company: Tomas Tillberg Design, Florida, USA
Graduation: Bachelor’s degree in architecture, City College of New York

The senior designer, who is bursting with energy, looks back over a career spanning more than 32 years, of which she spent 30 whole years working for high-class floating hotel business, namely the cruise industry.

When asked why she chose this line of study, she replied, without hesitation: “I simply loved the idea of finding creative solutions for spatial planning and design – and have always loved taking on these challenges; and I still do. Every day, there is something new!”

Bente Medelbye Hansen

Title: Design Director
Company: OSK Design, Copenhagen
Graduation: Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen, 1985

As a child, Bente would ask herself why “2 + 2” shouldn’t equal 8? “After looking at the shape of the two, and rotating the other two and merging the two figures, I almost got the shape of an eight.” With this kind of thinking in childhood, she was almost destined for a career in design!

Trond Ramsøskar

Title: Interior Architect MNIL, Partner
Company: Monn Interior Architects, Oslo
Graduation: Kunsthøyskolen Oslo, 1998

As a young teenager, Trond had a creative mind. He was dreaming of becoming a photographer. Despite the dreams, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and began studying economy at Handelshøyskolen BI. He soon realised that this was not right for him, so he needed a new direction.

Nicola Sigl

Title: Head of Interior Design
Company: Hadi Teherani Architects GmbH
Graduation: Graduate Interior Designer, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, Detmold

Some people are lucky enough to grow up in a stimulating environment. As a little girl, Nicola Sigl received inspiration, space and material in abundance for creative development at the drawing table of her father, an architect. “As a child, I created flat layouts and built models. Interior design just became the logical next step later on,” says Nicola Sigl, explaining her career choice.


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