We find our inspiration in many places. Wherever we go, we spot the colors, textures and patterns around us. The good design is not just a question of shape and color. It is a question of finding the right design solution for the area in question.

Every carpet tells a story

All interior design projects tell a unique story that encompasses personality, creative ideas, and practical considerations.

From the retreat space in the room to the public areas such as the lobby, restaurant, bar, and lounge. The interior design is part of the personality of the venue and is important in generating a truly special guest experience.

Although carpets constitute only a single element in the interior design solution, the floor space is one of the largest, cohesive surfaces to work with – which naturally elevates its significance to the design experience as a whole.

Custom-designed carpets allow the creation of expressive designs that transform the floor area into an expansive, impressive, and distinctive artwork.

Every day, our design team works hard to create unique carpet solutions, in close collaboration with designers, architects, owners and other stakeholders. Our designers have years of experience in converting ideas into unique carpet solutions.

“We find inspiration everywhere. Wherever we go, we spot the colours, textures and patterns around us. The good design is not just a question of shape and color. It is a question of finding the right design solution for the area in question.”

– Dansk Wilton Design Team




Pattern Inspiration

You help create the best launchpad for the development of a new carpet design

There can be big differences in the work to develop various carpet designs. Some partners have only a rough idea that they want our designers to interpret, whereas others can envisage precisely the direction they want to take and the final result they want to see.

Our design team is skilled in both scenarios, but the starting point naturally differs depending on the conceptions and wishes that exist for a given project.

Important steps for creating bespoke carpets:

Step 1: Reach out to us!

This is the first step in defining how we can support you. We are ready to act as a sounding board and to convert your ideas into one-of-a-kind carpet solutions. Contact us so we can work together to define the direction and the framework for your project – no matter how far you may have come with your fundamental idea.

Based on this initial dialogue, we can determine the direction we wish to take.

Step 2: Define ideas and design guidelines

To launch the design process itself, we need your input: a brief description of the project, your ideas and wishes – ideally backed by a few photos, drawings, or sketches. The more visual and written information we have, the better we can transform your thoughts and ideas into a carpet design that fully lives up to your expectations.

In case the starting point is not too specific, our designers will work in the direction they envisage for the project.

Even at this early stage, it is a good idea to dip into our Colourbox and start picking the colours you would like to work with. Our Colourbox includes 220 beautiful standard colours, but when working with larger projects, we will be happy to develop colour tones designed specifically to match your wishes and other interior design elements.

If possible, our design team would like you to supply the following information and to answer the following questions at this stage of the project:

Description of the project
What design expression and atmosphere are you looking to obtain? What story are you keen to tell? Are there any existing elements you plan to retain, and which new elements will you be adding?

The setting
Which area(s) are the carpets intended for (guest rooms, corridors, hallways or public spaces)? What carpet quality do you require – here, our carpet specialists will help you select the right quality for the specific area(s).

It would be helpful to receive a floor plan, if available, and photos of the existing carpet solution (for renovations). These are intended to provide our designers with a sense of any special conditions that need to be considered in the design development phase.

Design guideline
A briefing for our designers with a description of the intention and ideas – the more detailed it is, the better the result will match your expectations. It may be a matter of wishes regarding expression, information about other textiles/materials, and colours that need to be matched. The design guideline can involve a
mood board, photos, and other visual elements.

As mentioned, it is not absolutely necessary to supply the material described above but doing so does put our design team in the best position to match any specific conceptions and wishes.

Step 3: Design development

Based on your input, we develop some digital design proposals that we present as 2D and 3D visualisations to give you a sense of what form the design will take.
Once you have received this initial design presentation, we can adjust and adapt it as required.

For large projects, it is often an advantage to arrange a design workshop at Dansk Wilton as a part of the design development process. Here, designers can work on design prints and samples while discussions continue back and forth in parallel.

Step 4: Pegboard samples

Once the digital design prints have been approved, we can move on to producing a pegboard sample, which is a sample created to provide a sense of the design and colours. This part of the process provides a stronger decision-making basis with regard to whether adjustments need to be made to the colours and/or design before the production is initiated.

Step 5: Design approval

Before we prepare the final offer and before the order can officially be placed, all the various design elements must be agreed. The final volume may depend on the final design.

Step 6: Mock-up

For large projects, we recommend that we make an actual production sample of the carpet that can be placed in the relevant area for final evaluation and approval by all stakeholders.

The procedure outlined here is a guideline for a design process in the development of bespoke carpets.

Every project is unique, and we always take the project in question as our starting point.

That said, we naturally apply the knowledge and skills we have built up from the numerous projects we have completed over the years.

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