We endorse a professional culture where passion for precision is key. Our carpet specialists will be by your side all the way as your close associate and sparring partner – securing you a safe and optimized work process.

The carpet specialists of Dansk Wilton will be by your side all the way as your close associate and sparring partner – securing you a safe and optimized work process

The Way We Work

Defining The Project

We help you define the framework – together we create a unique solution
Dansk Wilton offers you a thorough and complete project study helping you choose the right carpet solution for your specific project.  We define the scope of work, based on your demands, the area in question, quality, quantity, design, budget and time frame.

Your Dansk Wilton sales contact can help you with a fast calculation of carpet consumption resulting in a budget quotation.

Design Development / Sampling

No limits to our Design Development
Dansk Wilton is a modern and dynamic partner. We help you develop your idea into a concept and to transform it into unique carpets. Our innovative and creative design team will support you throughout the design development phase.

Print-outs and pegboard samples are part of the process, just like various visual illustrations of how to implement more complex design solutions.

Calculation & Optimization

Precise Calculation – Full Optimization
We take the lead when it comes to the calculation of carpet consumption.

Based on flooring plans, our technical support team is able to calculate and document the exact amount of carpet needed for each individual area and project.

Our well documented computer calculations and illustrations are often combined with on-site visits to ensure that the consumption is optimized in every way.

This detailed calculation of carpet consumption minimizes carpet waste and saves time and money.

Also, our extremely flexible weaving widths in the production contribute to bring the waste of carpets and seamings to an absolute minimum.

In the calculation process of the project, Dansk Wilton uses modern computer technology. To minimize the risk of mistakes in the fitting process, we can provide a cutting plan clearly indicating how to cut each individual carpet roll for each specific area. This extraordinary service ensures a strong cooperation with the fitters to reduce the risk of mistakes and to save time for installation.

Project Planning & Management

Project Planning & Management from A-Z
Our dedicated and professional project team takes care of your project from A to Z. No matter the scope of the project, we go all in and care for the final result.

We team up with all involved parties in the process to ensure that action is taken and decisions are made to meet the agreed deadlines. This also involves frequent on-site meetings, progress reports and a systematic follow-up. In other words, based on our vast experience, Dansk Wilton will manage your carpet project in order for you to focus on your own core business.

Quality Management

Quality Management & Certifications/Classifications
Thanks to our production facilities in Denmark, we are able to offer 100% flexible and customized solutions and to fully control all production processes.

Each Dansk Wilton carpet is controlled by our own in-house quality control team to ensure that our high quality carpets are consistently manufactured to exacting standards.

All processes and production routines follow the principles of the ISO 9001 standard, and Dansk Wilton meets the strict requirements defined in our many international certificates.

All Dansk Wilton carpet qualities are certified to meet standards required by our customers:

  • IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Our IMO certificate can be requested by E-mail.
  • European Norm CE (EN 14041)
  • VOC Emissions
  • Bygvarubedömningen
  • Green Smiley (Danish Working Environment Authority)

The Certificates and Specifications can be downloaded from the download page here.


Pre-Cut Carpets
Dansk Wilton is one of the few carpet manufactures that is able to deliver pre-cut carpets to both the maritime and the land-based hospitality industry.

Pre-cut means:

  • Carpet is ready to fit the individual cabin/hotel room
  • Easy handling and fitting
  • Reduced fitting costs and time
  • Easy waste handling
  • Individually marked carpet rolls for easy logistics
  • Reduced risk for damaged carpets

Please contact us for further information about this service

See how pre-cut is done in our Moxy-projects

Delivering the Project / Logistics

We meet your specific logistic requirements
We know that on-time deliveries are crucial. Therefore, we are proud to say that we deliver what and when we promise, however challenging the logistics may be. We handle the logistics for most of our customers to ensure a smooth and reliable execution and delivery.

Carpet Installation

Our Carpet Installation ensures great visual results and durability
To ensure an extraordinary quality of the complete carpet solution, it is very important to consider all relevant aspects, from choosing the right carpet quality to ensuring that the carpets are installed properly. A correct installation will ensure a great visual result as well as optimize the durability of the carpets. Both parameters are crucial for Dansk Wilton as a carpet manufacturer.

Dansk Wilton offers a detailed and well-documented installation and seaming plan as well as the services of our highly skilled and experienced international fitting teams. This is your guarantee for the best possible fitting result including the lowest possible carpet waste and a minimum number of seaming. We operate worldwide with the ability to send small or large teams of skilled carpet fitters depending on the complexity of your specific project.

Choosing Dansk Wilton as partner on both carpet and installation, you have “One Stop Shopping” with only few contact points and only one partner with full project responsibility – which saves you a lot of time and worries.

The Installation Guide can be downloaded from the download page here.

After Sales Follow Up

Our project perfection lays in the details
Our high delivery performance and reliability ensures “peace in mind” for our customers. We aim for perfection and want to ensure, that every detail  is done to your complete satisfaction. We follow up on each individual project to ensure that everything is properly delivered and completed as agreed.

Individual maintenance advice and follow up plan
We offer our contract client to conduct annual inspections of their existing carpet installations. This inspection include a thorough wear and tear examination of all carpets installed, training of house, keeping personnel in daily cleaning and maintenance of carpets. End result is a written Carpet Maintenance Plan where we outline the expected maintenance and replacement expenses for the years to come. Our comprehensive maintenance plan makes future re-fit projects simple and smooth.

After Care
With the correct daily maintenance and cleaning of your Dansk Wilton carpet can last for many years to come.

The Maintenance Guide can be downloaded from the download page here.

Carpet specialists

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Carpet specialists

We put our customers in the centre and are solution oriented in all aspects. All project phases are supported by a dedicated project team, and through a vertical synergy inside Dansk Wilton.

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Sustainable footprint

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Sustainable footprint

Dansk Wilton works strategically with sustainability and CSR on a daily basis, and it’s an integrated part of the way we run our business.

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Sustainable footprint