Helnan Phønix Hotel Aalborg

An elegant and classic setting is what meets the eye as soon as you enter Helnan Phønix Hotel in the center of Aalborg city. The hotel is enriched with an interesting story and interior design.

Revitalizing a historic and elegant hotel

February 2021

A great cooperation

It is no simple task to choose a manufacturer for the interiors of a hotel, as there are many aspects to take into consideration. When the director of the Helnan hotels, Michelle Larsen, is asked why Dansk Wilton was chosen as the carpet manufacturer for this project, she replies:

“We have cooperated with Dansk Wilton in previous projects and we know that they deliver quality and a thorough service. Once again we had a great cooperation and felt well-guided through the project.”

She continues: “We never considered other carpet manufacturers as we knew that the cooperation with Dansk Wilton would go beyond all expectations and that we would receive a service of high quality.”

The responsible choice

It was no coincidence that the choice for carpets pointed at Colortec ORIGIN. The environmental responsibility is a big part of the mindset at Helnan Hotels.

“Every single day, we think about the environment, and how we can become as sustainable as possible”, Michelle says.

At Dansk Wilton we are excited to see the result of a great project, and look forward to future cooperation with the Helnan hotels.


Carpet Facts

Helnan Phønix Hotel Aalborg

Arkitektfirma Jørn Schütze

Carpet solution:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom designed Colortec carpet solutions.

Carpet specifications:
Colortec ORIGIN 1500 g/m2 with integrated felt backing.

Michelle Laursen, Director

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