We welcome you inside our exciting world of carpet creation!

Welcome to our exciting world of carpets
In this brand book you will find information about and inspiration for carpets for the hospitality industry. Moreover, you can read about interior design in the context of the megatrend sustainability and how this can be linked to creating a great guest experience.

Still more hotels, cruise ships, and interior designers want to act responsibly and make sustainable choices when building new or renovating. In addition, we are facing a generation Z – a generation with new and strong demands on companies and products when it comes to their sustainable profile.

We spoke to some prominent people in our industry who give their reflections in an interview. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and thoughts!

In this way, we hope to contribute with motivation and inspiration for a continued sustainable development in the global hospitality industry.

The Cover Story
This Brand Book is covered in our RE:SHAPE carpet material made from recycled carpets – carpets that were once installed on a cruise ship.

Read more about our project about recycling in the Brand Book and ask for a physical copy to experience the material.

We wish you happy reading!

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