Starting in 1953 our family-owned company has through generations developed and cherished the Danish design and production principles.

Strong Cultural Heritage

A Strong Cultural Heritage
Dansk Wilton is an internationally oriented company, but we take pride in our name and cultural heritage. Danish design tradition is an inveterate part of our DNA. As a family-owned company we have through generations developed and cherished the Danish production principles, where quality and a strong understanding of design across cultural and geographical boundaries created the essence of our solutions.

Always Ahead of our Times – Starting in 1953
Dansk Wilton was founded in 1953 by Johannes Jensen as “Johannes Jensens Tæppefabrik”. At that time a small production company with only a few looms set up in the barn of an old farm – but still ahead of its times. The first productions were carpets in Wilton technique. The loom jacquards worked with punch cards and the Wilton technique was rather time consuming and had many limitations as to the number of colours and design possibilities. There has been an enormous development since then, but in the same spirit: A desire to offer the customers new and exciting possibilities to create unique and environmentally friendly interior design solutions.

All under One Roof
Perfection is in the detail and that is why we have placed sales, product research and design development under the same roof as our production facilities. All project phases are handled in Denmark and the result is that you experience a high delivery performance and coordination wherever in the world you and your projects are located. Having all activities in house gives us maximum control over the quality we deliver and the way we impact the world around us. We have strict Danish/EU guidelines to ensure proper conditions for all aspects of our production.