Antimicrobial treatment of carpets

All hotels build upon the already high standard of housekeeping, so why process your carpet with antimicrobial treatment?

Textile surfaces in general can be predisposed to microbial growth when not cleaned and maintained properly. A combination of our antimicrobial treatment and good daily cleaning will increase the hygiene standard in general.

However, it is important to note the difference between bacteria and virus. Bacteria and viruses are different types of microorganisms. They can occur on different surfaces and materials. Bacteria can grow on a surface and multiply, whereas viruses lack the capacity to thrive and reproduce outside of a host body.

Microorganisms, including viruses, survive longer and are more easily spread on hard, smooth surfaces than on textile surfaces such as carpets, where they are attracted to and trapped in the fibres, thereby also protecting people from breathing them in. The organism’s ability to survive depends on how much moisture the material extracts.

We recommend that you thoroughly consider if the treatment will provide the benefits you wish for and what kind of treatment is offered in sustainability terms.

Brochure: Antimicrobial treatment for carpets

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What is antimicrobial treatment?

Our antimicrobial treatment for the Colortec range is based on a unique Microbe Shield technology and added in the manufacturing process as a coating of the individual fibres in the carpet. In contrast to conventional treatments used in fighting microbial contamination (sanitizers, disinfectants, bleach, and biocides) the active ingredient in the Microbe Shield treatment form a lasting, colourless, odour free, polymer that bonds to the treated surface.

With this treatment the carpet will not support microbial growth, guaranteeing an optimal freshness and hygiene for the carpet, without altering the look or feel.

As the antimicrobial is bound to the fibre, it does not migragte from the carpet to the skin or into the interior environment. In fact, the Microbe Shield technology is widely used as antimicrobial treatment for clothing in the medical and healthcare industries.

The coating effectively ensures protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and yeasts.

How does the antimicrobial microbe shield technology work?

  • Once the microorganism gets in contact with the carpet surface, the cell membrane is punctured
  • This deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and spread of bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms

The antimicrobial treatment stays fixed to the carpet fibre and kills the microorganism on direct contact. Where carpets are safeguarded by the Microbe Shield technology, microbes are destroyed and new contamination prevented.

If the carpet is maintained properly, the treatment will usually last for the life of the carpet. The carpets can be cleaned as usual without damaging the coating (however, abrasive or caustic (pH>10.5) cleaners will shorten effective life).

Dansk Wilton’s antimicrobial treatment guarantees:

  • No migration to the skin, or the interior environment
  • Excellent skin tolerance (OECD 406, HRIPT)
  • Free of heavy metals, silver, TBT, formaldehyde, triclosan, arsenic
  • BPR and EPA registered

Test results show that Dansk Wilton’s antimicrobial treatment provides a 99,99% bacterial reduction.

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