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Find advice and guidance on carpet installation from our in-house experts in addition to tools and products we recommend.

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Installation tools

Video guides

These video guides serves as a quick visual reference for carpet installation. Always check the individual installation plan before proceeding. Carpet installation should only be carried out by experienced carpet installers.

Rooms and cabins

Installation of carpet in rooms and cabins

Carpet with underlay

Installation of carpet with underlay


Installation of Axminster carpet

PDF guide

This installation guide serves as a quick visual reference for carpet installation. Always check the individual installation plan before proceeding. Carpet installation should only be carried out by experienced carpet installers.

Thank you for choosing a quality carpet from Dansk Wilton. With the correct installation, normal use and correct maintenance you can look forward to a positive carpet experience for the next many years. All carpets from Dansk Wilton are made of the best natural materials giving our carpets their beauty, pleasant comfort and high wear resistance.

In order to give you the optimum benefit of your new carpet, we have in the following described how the floor should be correctly prepared and how the installation itself should be carried through.

We gladly offer a turnkey solution, where Dansk Wilton is responsible for and carry through the installation of your carpet project. You are also welcome to use a carpet installer of your own choice. However, you should make sure that the carpet installer is a professional and has the necessary experience to carry out the installation.

This guide is made on the basis of our experiences and in accordance with the latest, available general information from the industry. The guide will be regularly updated here on our website.

Table of contents

  • Important information
  • Carpet identification and control before installation
  • General recommendations
  • Installation instructions for Axminster carpets
  • Installation instructions for Colortec and Graffic carpets

Installation tools

We have listed the most common tools for carpet installation.

Turning tool

The carpet turning tool is great for tucking carpets under the door bar. The angled leg of the tool ensures that the installers knuckles is not rubbing the carpet. The turning tool can also be used for light stretching of carpets in awkward places.

Seam roller

The seam roller ensures a perfect transition between two carpet seams. Moving the roller both forwards and backwards will mix the carpet fibers and pull the seam edges closer together.

Knee kicker

The knee kicker eases the adjustment of carpets. It is adjustable depending on the thickness of the carpet. Power rods in the pin plate provide support and better force transfer to the carpet.

Loop pile cutter

The pile cutter is excellent at protecting the material underneath while making a straight and seamless cut in the carpet. Its height can be adjusted to match the individual carpet.

Utility knife

The utility knife is great for adjusting carpet edges. It has a great grip for adding pulling power when cutting tougher carpets or longer lengths.

Seaming iron

A seaming iron is used to merge two carpet seams. The low profile of the iron makes it easy to operate.

Installation products

We have listed the products we recommend for installation of Dansk Wilton carpets.

CascoProff Extra Floor Adhesive

Used indoors for gluing PVC, LVT and textile coverings. Can be used in wet as well as dry rooms. Suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

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Styccobond Flooring Adhesive

Styccobond F3 LE is a water based rubber/resin flooring adhesive that has excellent wet grab with an early build up of strength. It is protected against bio-degradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.

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Cloud 9 Underlay

The Cloud 9 flame retardant 8 underlay is manufactured from top-quality PU foam specifically designed for use on double-stick and stretch-fit applications where fire resistance is needed. It is also ideal for heavy and contract use along with domestic and even marine installations where underfoot comfort is desired. It conforms to the EC marine directives and has a combustion modified core in order to meet the highest level of fire resistance.

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Stikatak Superspray Adhesive

Stikatak Superspray Adhesive is designed to fix foambacked carpets and underlays.

Seaming Tape – Super Golden

Heatbond carpet seaming tape. Hotmelt on a webbing of heat resistant glassfibre and cotton with protecting paper back. The goldfoil paper offers the best heat distribution and melting properties. This, in combination with a stronger type of hotmelt, guarantees the strongest possible bonding.

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