Holland America Line +
Dansk Wilton

Holland America Line and Dansk Wilton have partnered together in a pilot project with the aim to find solutions for recycling waste as a resource in a circular economy. This is a significant first step to
contribute to new innovative initiatives which can contribute to future large scale solutions.

A focus on sustainable initiatives

Recycled carpet waste

Waste is a major challenge globally – also in the hospitality industry. It is not enough to cut consumption – less bad is still bad. At the same time, the world is experiencing a shortage of resources and slowly understand the need and value of a circular economy.

Therefore, we initiated a pilot project taking back some carpet waste from Holland America Line’s Zaandam which has been upcycled to coat hangers and the Note Book in your hands – created from our RE:SHAPE material.

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Informationen on Cradle to Cradle


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We hope that the materials and the stories behind them have given you an extra dimension to the notebook.