Hotel Scandic Falkoner

An Outstanding Broadway Atmosphere in Copenhagen

Hotel Scandic Falkoner

December 2019

The newly refurbished cultural-historical Scandic Falkoner is situated in Copenhagen and has been attracting people from far and near since the 1950s. Countless festivities, events and concerts have been held here, including performances by the Rolling Stones and Louis Armstrong. This year, an impressive new hotel opened its doors with an unfailingly consistent style and magnificent atmosphere. The interior designers konceptTM have succeeded in creating a theatrical atmosphere of such authenticity that it almost feels like being on Broadway in the roaring twenties. The deep colours, warm golden hues and abundance of elegant textiles in the way of soft, velour furniture and delicate carpets are seductively transfixing. Every conceivable surface has been considered, so that flooring, walls and ceilings are one big sophisticated potpourri of shapes and colours.

Design as an element of the guest experience

Vast graphical patterns with ‘WOW’ effects are overwhelming and consume spaces with elegance throughout. The Broadway atmosphere pervades the foyer with neon signs, theatre lamps and striped Bordeaux-red carpets, nonchalantly laid on a black-and-white striped floor. The interior design of the restaurant artfully toys with shapes such as arches and zigzag patterns ebulliently embellish carpets, furniture and ceiling.  Three-dimensional-patterned carpeting is laid in the conference room and corridors, creating a stimulating, dynamic effect. Not to mention the lovely design of the rooms with deep-blue colours, fascinating artwork on the walls and striped carpets, merging in a sophisticated, yet warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Throughout there is brilliant interplay between the spatial design and beautiful carpets from Dansk Wilton. Generally speaking, the interior design of Scandic Falkoner is fascinating, vivid and distinctive. And, despite being a 16-storey high-rise building with a total of 334 rooms, the atmosphere is intimate, cosy and embracing.

Added design features: sustainability, indoor climate and acoustics

The carpeting solution for Scandic Falkoner keenly exemplifies how carpeting can enhance the interior design of large public spaces. Besides being a stimulating design experience in its own right, the solution also embodies a deliberate, well-thought-through choice of materials with a long service life and Cradle to Cradle certification and promotes a healthy indoor climate. This sets the stage at SCANDIC Falkoner for the subtle characteristics that are crucial for people and the environment.

The carpets have been tested and awarded “Indoor Air Comfort GOLD” classification for their minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. VOCs are undesirable toxins and odours that can cause irritation for human beings. Although the building is correctly ventilated and airing out is routine, sources of indoor air pollution will always exist – from ambient air and from products and materials used indoors. Dansk Wilton carpets are designed to create a healthy indoor climate, as they absorb and filter natural airborne VOCs. In addition, the carpets add softness and comfort and improve acoustics, often a problem in large spaces. Quality textiles reduce sound waves and distribute sound more uniformly. Good acoustics also enhance a healthy, comfortable indoor climate.

Thus, Scandic Falkoner embodies the visible and invisible design parameters which guarantee a one-of-a-kind guest experience.


Carpet Facts

Hotel SCANDIC Falkonér, Copenhagen


Hotel SCANDIC Falkonér, complete renovation

Carpet solution:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom designed Colortec carpets for rooms and public areas.

Carpet specifications:
Rooms: Colortec 1100 g/m2 with integrated felt backing.
Public spaces: Colortec 1400 g/m2 with integrated felt backing.

Pictures from Scandic Falkoner media archive