Børsen Bæredygtig Cases

We are so happy and proud that our REUSE Cruise project has been selected as one of 50 sustainable cases.

From waste to resource – from talk to action

June 2022

Denmark’s largest business newspaper, Børsen, showcase companies who work with projects which have a focus on sustainability that can be of inspiration to others.

Børsen Bæredygtig has received several hundred projects, of which the editorial staff and an advisory board of sustainability profiles from the Danish business community have selected the 50 most inspiring projects that are now presented as Børsen Bæredygtig Cases.

These projects were selected because they can be scaled, are business critical, and have a positive effect on the outside world.

“In other words, the 50 Børsen Bæredygtig Cases are helping to move the green transition in the Danish business community forward”, Børsen Bæredygtig declares.

We are extremely happy that our pilot project REUSE Cruise is selected as one of the 50 cases by Børsen.

REUSE Cruise is a project on recycling carpet waste into a new material we call RE:SHAPE.

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