Dansk Wilton make you succeed by combining art and technology and help to develop your ideas into unique carpet concepts and solutions.

Carpet Innovation
Dansk Wilton help you develop your ideas into unique carpet solutions for cruiseships and hotels

Carpet Innovation

Creating New Standards
Dansk Wilton is known for making impossible projects possible. Our goal is clear: we will make you succeed by giving you what no one else can. In every aspect of our work we strive to do things easier, smarter and better. We constantly optimize every part of the deliverance from pre-sale service over design and concept development to calculation, logistic and installation. It’s the sum of the parts that makes the big difference.

We Combine Art and Technology
Design is where technology and art meet – and Dansk Wilton is where ideas and reality come together. Our dedicated in-house design team helps to develop your ideas into a carpet concept and turn it into unique solutions. We support you throughout the entire design phase, and rapid production of prints and handmade pegboard samples are a natural part of this process – just like various visual illustrations of how to implement more complex design solutions.

Upgrade with a TWIST
TWIST is a good example of our development of new standards. Based on our Colortec technology we created the new carpet quality TWIST by combining hard-twisted yarn and normal velvet yarn. The mix of yarns creates a shimmering texture offering a luxurious and unique carpet solution with an outstanding surface and almost 3D effect.