Club Med Cefalù

Luxury hotel in the historic town of Cefalù

Club Med Cefalù – an azure dream

October 2019

The historic town of Cefalù on the island of Sicily is the site of the luxury hotel Club Med Cefalù, whose design aligns with its beautiful surroundings. Materials such as wood, stone and marble make the hotel blend in naturally with the harsh, enthralling scenic splendour of Sicily, as shades of blue on textiles and furniture accentuate the location overlooking the bright blue azure water of the Mediterranean Sea. Dansk Wilton plays a crucial role in this stimulating design experience.

Like small works of art

Dansk Wilton supplied the customised rugs that play a key role in the elegant interior décor. All rooms are decorated with oval-shaped rugs of different sizes and motifs, situated like small islands in the room. This creates atmosphere and comfort and is also an exciting way to decorate the space. The rugs serve as small works of art, and their individual uniqueness enhances the feeling of a special design experience.

The organic shapes are repeated in the furniture and the architecture itself, providing a pleasant, tranquil atmosphere. The light, cool style for this hot climate is enhanced by the rugs as they accentuate the feeling of comfort, well-being and homeliness at the same time.

The rugs also beautifully complement the colourful array of yellow, mint, pink and blue in which the rest of the hotel is furnished. Along with the rest of the interior décor, they provide an experience of a lovely design hotel with balanced, carefully selected colours and materials.

Caring for people and the environment

The carpeting solution for Club Med is just one example of the countless possibilities available from Dansk Wilton. Besides being a stimulating design experience, each solution represents a deliberate, well-thought-through choice of materials with a long service life that help ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Dansk Wilton takes environmental responsibility with a business strategy based on the sustainable principles of the Cradle to Cradle approach. The Cradle to Cradle certification of Dansk Wilton’s carpeting solutions signifies a decisive step towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future.

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Carpet Facts

Club Med

Sophie Jacqmin

Club Med Cefalù, Sicily

Carpet solution:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom designed area rugs for rooms and suites based on a Colortec carpet solution.

Carpet specifications:
Colortec 1300 g/m2 with integrated felt backing.

Pictures from Club Med media archive