Artist Nina Ekman launched her new art exhibition Fading on 14 January 2023. A significant part of the great installation is a long, unique rug manufactured at Dansk Wilton.

A thought-provoking installation

January 2023

Fading is an art exhibition with an avenue of 2-3 meters high, increasingly fading and transparent tufted, knitted, and crocheted palm leaf sculptures – all made from residual yarn, partly from our production.

The avenue is supported by a 16 meter long rug which invites the guests to walk through the installation. Ultimately the carpet and the sculptures only consist of the very few remains that are left – in the form of individual white threads.

The installation encourages the guests to consider our view and impact on the world, where plants and animals’ only reason of existence is to serve the human race:

It is as if we are celebrating our dominance and total control over the biosphere, but in the process we have lost our connection to nature – a connection in which we should celebrate the beauty, the colours, the diversity and the fact that we all have the same origin in the stardust of the universe..” Nina Ekman

Fading is a continuation of Ekman’s artistic and thematic work with plants. In this installation she explores fading, disappearance, loss and mortality as we continue to burn and exploit nature and the planet.

We are truly impressed by Ninas work, and excited to be part of this thought-provoking project!

Place: Kunstpakhuset
Date: 14 January to 26 February 2023

Read more about the exhibition (Danish)

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