MS Artania

The beautiful MS Artania by Phoenix Reisen has recently completed a drydock. In collaboration with P-O-I.Design and CUBIK³ Interior Design we have provided carpets for cabins, suites, corridors, and public spaces.

Interior concept by CUBIK³ Interior Design

A valuable collaboration

February 2023

Interior concept by CUBIK³ Interior Design

The importance of a good collaboration is crucial to the success of any design project. Architects rely on the expertise of us to provide high-quality, durable, and visually appealing carpet solutions that meet the specific needs of each project. We, in turn, depend on the architects to convey their vision, preferences, and specifications to ensure that the carpet solution is a perfect fit for the space.

That is why we are excited to have collaborated with two great architectural firms for Phoenix Reisen’s MS Artania; CUBIK³ Interior Design and P-O-I.Design.

CUBIK³ Interior Design

CUBIK³ Interior Design were selected as the architects for all cabins and suites onboard MS Artania. We sat down with the involved key persons of CUBIK³ Interior Design and asked about the thoughts behind their decisions:

“Carpets in general can be considered the foundation to any room or space. They can bring an entire space together and are a defining element when approaching a new interior concept. They can make or break an interior; therefore, we pay very close attention to patterns, forms, and colours in our spaces.

With this philosophy, our approach for the new Gold and Junior Suites on board the MS Artania, were carpets that would not come into conflict, distract, or overwhelm the cabins as each suite concept had very pronounced colour schemes with neutral woods. We decided on natural tones, and timeless patterns which both elevate and bring the cabin concepts together while still maintaining an overall intimate feel.”

– Christine Pille and Tamlyn Seeliger


For the Bodega Bar and Lido Restaurant Phoenix Reisen appointed P-O-I.Design as the responsible architects. Patrick Ostheimer, Owner of P-O-I.Design has given us his insight into the project:

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in a room and thus also one of the most striking design tools for the interior design. Especially in the field of refits, a coordinated carpet design can give the existing impression a new direction and also a new statement. For us at P-O-I.Design, it is always important to take up the existing basic idea and carry it forward – but at the same time to give the area an update with a contemporary and modern appearance based on our feeling for patterns and colors.

Lido Restaurant
For an area like the Lido Restaurant, with its corners and edges, it was crucial to develop a non-directional carpet design. Blending harmoniously into the existing structure, with its colours and shapes picking up on the existing materials and underlining their luminosity was our main goal. A mixture of plain zones, stripes of different widths and salt-and-pepper areas results in a perfect combination for a highly frequented restaurant and its demand for stain resistance and an appealing atmosphere.

Bodega Bar
Dominant brown and gold tones combined with a dark tile floor formed the basis for the redesign of the floor in the Bodega Bar. Large open spaces and cozy seating areas called for a carpet design that lends the space a certain serenity and elegance through a mix of a harmonious font and overlapping accents. Coordinated shades of green provide a structured base, which is loosened up and refined by splashes of yellow.

– Patrick Ostheimer

Carpet Facts

MS Artania

CUBIK³ Interior Design

Carpet solution:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom designed Colortec RE:THINK and Axminster carpets for cabins, suites, corridors, and public spaces.

Carpets specifications:

  • Colortec RE:THINK+ 1300 g/m2 with integrated felt backing for suites and standard cabins
  • Axminster 1700 g/m2 for corridors, halls, lobby, reception, Lido Restaurant, and Bodega Bar

Interior concept by CUBIK³ Interior Design

Carpet concept by P-O-I.Design

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