Schwarzwald Panorama

A beacon to the hotel industry in terms of the circular economy

Certified for sustainability at the highest level

December 2023

“We also see sustainability as continuous improvement. For higher quality at all levels, for an emotional and sensual experience and an appreciative way of working together.”

Stephan Bode
Director and owner,

The SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA offers its guests breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the Black Forest. But it is not only in this sense that the prestigious hotel in Bad Herrenalb more than lives up to its name. Stephan Bode, managing owner of the hotel – which has always been a leading name in sustainability in the hotel industry – is demonstrating foresight by taking the decisive step towards a circular economy: as the first in the industry, officially GreenSign certified and nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2024.

With this in mind, SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA has developed a unique and pioneering design concept for the design and realisation of hotel room furnishings together with Fritz Schlecht | SHL , the interior designer responsible for the interior fit-out, and the communications agency RITTWEGER: Circular Living. Three different room typologies now reflect the identity of this place of power in Bad Herrenalb: The design characters “Waldklang”, “Freigeist” and “Falkenstein” depict the essence of the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA – and create a connection to life that makes it possible to learn to feel the elemental force of inner values again.

“The Circular Living design concept makes a contribution to sustainable development by paying attention to the highest standards for climate-friendly manufacturing processes and healthy living materials that are 100% biodegradable or recyclable,” explains Ralf Schlecht, Managing Partner of the interior design company Fritz Schlecht | SHL. Stephan Bode adds: “We also see sustainability as continuous improvement. For higher quality at all levels, for an emotional and sensual experience and an appreciative way of working together. The aesthetic quality of the interior design in our hotel – sophisticated designs that contribute to a harmonious room concept and a special guest experience by stimulating the senses – is an essential part of this understanding of sustainability.”

The Cradle to Cradle® principle, a visionary, holistic product design that aims for closed cycles, provides the inspiration and basis: As in nature, no waste should be produced by designing products from the outset in such a way that all materials and ingredients can be returned to a cycle from which they were taken. In the 24 Circular Living rooms so far, 80% Cradle to Cradle® certified materials have been used – including the ORIGIN carpet solution from Dansk Wilton.

The basic component of the high-quality ORIGIN carpets is wool, a rapidly renewable resource, and the carpets are produced entirely without dyes. The natural play of colours and richness of facets of untreated wool from various sheep breeds with black, brown, grey, golden, and white dyes are used to create expressive carpet designs. By dispensing with dyeing processes, the healthy living floor covering also retains the unique original character of wool.

“When choosing the colour and design, it was important to us to create a harmonious, inviting and themed ambience,” says Sylvia Michels, Sales Manager at Fritz Schlecht | SHL, explaining the decision to use ORIGIN. “We also favoured sustainable materials for the flooring, such as the products from Dansk Wilton, which are also VOC Gold certified – in other words, they meet the strictest regulations with regard to volatile organic compounds,” adds Alena Gaiser, responsible for interior design at Fritz Schlecht | SHL. “As a natural material, wool also has a positive effect on the indoor ambience and therefore on the guest. There is also no need for chemical flame retardants, as wool is naturally flame-retardant,” she adds, listing further advantages.

Dansk Wilton’s Cradle to Cradle Certified® carpet solution ORIGIN is aimed at operators who pay particular attention to sustainability and responsible consumption without compromising on aesthetics and design as an important part of the guest experience.

To ensure that guests can continue to enjoy the panoramic view of the Black Forest’s magnificent nature with a clear conscience in the future, it was important to Stephan Bode to choose partners who are dedicated to the recycling aspect of the products with innovative approaches – so that the materials are not disposed of later in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle® concept, but returned to the material cycle. “We combine sustainability with luxury here – by using high-quality materials that are also documented to be recyclable.”


Carpet Facts


Interior design:
Fritz Schlecht | SHL

Carpet solution:
Dansk Wilton delivered custom designed Colortec ORIGIN carpets for the rooms.

Carpet specifications:

  • DW Colortec RE:THINK 1100 g/m2 with integrated felt backing for the rooms
  • DW Colortec ORIGIN 1100 g/m2 with integrated felt backing, individually manufactured as area rugs for the rooms

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