From Axminster Carpet to Design Stool. DANSK WILTON collaborated with “Design School Kolding” in a workshop on how to reuse carpet waste.

Stool Sustainable Design Thinking

Dansk Wilon collaborated with “Design School Kolding” in a workshop on how to reuse carpet waste

February 2016

One student, Stine Mikkelsen, took the project further and continued working with our carpet waste creating a sustainable stool from the material.

Stine explains about the project:
“I started dividing the carpet into the three basic materials it is made from; polypropylene, wool blend and cotton blend. Afterwards I tested the different properties of the materials. By doing this, I found out that all three materials could be used and recombined to create a stool but still keeping the material compounds apart. In this way, it will be easy to disassemble the stool after use and once again reuse the materials.

To create the legs I had to make a mould to melt the polypropylene. The mould is fitted to an oven, so that it is possible for everyone to melt a pair of legs. The seat is made by needle felting the wool into one thick material. In order to keep the seat in place, I used the cotton blend to make a thin rope.

Using an oven and small tools only, it will be possible to make products, for instance this stool, in not so wealthy areas of the world where the cruise liners sail for dry-docking. In this way, it is possible to make highly needed and customized products for local people out of materials and resources, which are now just being burned”.

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