Sustainable Innovation

Involving Young Consumers

Sustainable Innovation Involving Young Consumers

December 2019

Under the heading of “Sustainable Innovation”, VIA University College urged young students to think creatively and in terms of business development across lines of study.

Based on the challenges that we, as a company, wish to embrace and focus on, i.e. “How can we bring waste and residual products into play as a new resource?”, the students were put to work developing a new product and business model. The assignment was either to use residual yarns from our carpet production process or reuse carpets from a hotel or cruise ship.

Knowing that we cannot overcome the challenges overnight, it is important to focus on what is possible and involve these young consumers in the debate.

With everything from throws and knitted shopping bags to furniture and acoustic solutions, the process has generated a host of good ideas that can be converted, thereby breathing new life into waste materials.

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