The Cult of Oxytocin

In collaboration with artist Ditte Ejlerskov, we have turned 11 of her visualisations into amazing carpets. They will be part of the exhibition ‘The Cult of Oxytocin’ at Nikolaj Kunsthal from 12 February to 18 April 2022.

A unique journey for each individual guest

February 2022

The Cult of Oxytocin
With the exhibition ‘The Cult of Oxytocin’, Ditte Ejlerskov creates an installation which takes all rooms of Nikolaj Kunsthal into use and creates a unique journey for each individual guest.

At the exhibition you will be able to experience Ejlerskov’s Gradiant Paintings in addition to a video projection in the ceiling supported by guided meditation sessions.

The exhibition also includes a virtual sculpture of two female wrestlers created with inspiration from ‘The Uffizi Wrestlers’ – an antique sculpture of two male wrestlers which is part of the Uffizi-collection in Florence, Italy.

The two women appear in the art gallery on large woolen carpets, as 3D-printed sculptures, as paintings and in film works. The women represent two hormones that fight for power in human blood; Oxytocin and Adrenaline. The former acts as a cult figure for the artist and plays a central role throughout the exhibition.

Every thread represents a pixel
In collaboration with Ditte, we have created 5 beautiful carpets in the format 4 x 5,5 m, which is a vital part of the Upper Gallery where the guests can lie down and experience the projection in the ceiling.

Inspired by olden days gobelins, an additional 6 carpets can be found hanging from the walls in the gallery. Viewing the carpets up close will merely show dots – taking a few steps back, however, will combine the dots and reveal the complete artwork.

It has been a fascinating venture where my visual outputs in the end got fractioned into just a few pixels per inch and given a wool thread instead of the binary code on my screen.” – Ditte Ejlerskov.

Place: Nikolaj Kunsthal
Date: 12 February to 18 April 2022

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