Watch your language

In collaboration with visual artist Anders Bonnesen, we have turned 10 of his works into impressive rugs. They were part of the exhibition “Watch your language” at Randers Art Museum in September 2021.

“Images are a kind of language”

April 2021

Symbollic art
Painting, surface, language, and characters are the focal point of the exhibition. Bonnesen has created several new works based on pictograms and other simple visual symbols.

This is an area that has occupied him for many years and it culminates in a large number of paintings, sculptures, signs, and carpets.

With the exhibition, Anders Bonnesen explores the relationship between language and images. With humor and ingenuity, the focus is on our common imagery and the understanding that images are a kind of language and language a form of images.

About the exhibition
The exhibition contained a total of 10 rugs size 4 x 4 meter with Anders Bonnesen’s characteristic, visual symbols.

Place: Randers Art Museum
Date: 12 June to 26 September 2021

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