Recommended carpet qualities


Durable carpet quality – for optimal lifetime

When you choose a carpet for your hospitality project, it is important to choose a quality that can withstand the heavy of wear and tear, so that the carpet will have a long life. The choice of carpets is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality.

One of the parameters in ensuring a long lifespan for the carpet solution is proper cleaning. In our maintenance manual you can learn about the recommended daily maintenance and cleaning.

With the correct maintenance the premium carpet quality can be preserved for many years, and you can look forward to a positive carpet experience for a long time.

Our carpets are manufactured in 80/20 wool/nylon blend using pre- or undyed yarn.

Pre-dyed Yarns
Pre-dyed yarns offer the advantage of preserving vibrant and saturated colours over time. Due to the colour being consistent throughout the entire carpet fibre, ensuring a high degree of colour fastness.

These pre dyed options are ideal for those who desire long lasting, rich hues that will not fade easily.

Undyed Yarns
Undyed yarns are developed by blending the raw wool from sheep of various colours, resulting in a beautiful range of colours This carpet solution is called Colortec ORIGIN. The colour is mixed before the spinning process. It is a very meticulous process, done by hand, to ensure the right nuance.

Whether you prefer the enduring brilliance of pre-dyed yarns or the natural and diverse style of undyed yarns, we will help you to define which carpet solution will be the best in your project.

Recommended Carpet Qualities

At Dansk Wilton we always set the highest standards when it comes to quality. Throughout our company we focus on quality in our procedures and our products. The following table provides recommended pile weight for different use scenarios depending on wear and tear of the carpet.

The above values are indicative and is based on DW Axminster and Colortec carpets with our felt backing

Weights and quality explained

Vertikalt SKEMA

Carpet solutions – customised to your projects

DW Axminster

Axminster is the classic luxury woven carpet solution. It offers an exceptionally durable contract carpet and an extraordinary comfort, partly thanks to a 3-ply yarn.

Our Axminster setup is one of the most modern in the world, including a high-speed loom with a 100% automated creel system that gives you unlimited design possibilities and range from 1300 g/m2 to 2300 g/m2.

DW Colortec

Colortec carpets are manufactured with modern tufting technology. It offers an exceptionally durable contract carpet and an extraordinary comfort with a 2- or 3-ply yarn.

Colortec provides unlimited design possibilities and qualities range from 1100 g/m2 to 1900 g/m2. Colortec is produced in 400 or 500 cm width and is available with either an integrated textile backing or an integrated felt backing. Our complete Colortec range is Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

Textile backing

High flexibility, great durability, significant versatility
Our textile backing can be an advantageous backing for you when renovating and renewing Axminster carpets. The flexible backing is easy to install and can save you time in the renovation process. Colortec ORIGIN+ with our textile backing holds the Cradle to Cradle certification at the Silver level.

Felt backing

Great acoustic performance, high comfort, and easy installation
Our felt backing, made of recycled PET, is an excellent choice for spaces where noise reduction is important, like rooms, corridors, and public spaces. Another measurable advantage is the ease of installation, thus saving time and money in the installation process.

Your choice between textile and felt backing depends on your specific needs, requirements, and conditions in the space it is installed as well as installation method. We will help you to define which carpet solution will be the best in your project depending on design and the amount of wear and tear.

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Certificate Axminster: Indoor Air Comfort GOLD
Certificate Colortec: Indoor Air Comfort GOLD


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