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As a pilot project we have collaborated with hl-repro to integrate Digimarc in our carpet, making it scannable and ultimately full of possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of a scannable carpet

By integrating an invisible watermark in the carpet design, you open a world of oppourtunities. But how can a scannable carpet be useful for your hotel or cruise ship? We have a few ideas – but it is really limited only by your imagination.


Give your guests the ability to track and trace the complete lifecycle of the carpets, from its origin to its current location, and sometimes even beyond.

This could include information about various stages of the carpet’s journey, including the raw materials used, manufacturing processes, distribution channels, and final destinations.

Guest experience

Let the carpet tell the story about your hotel or cruise ship. When and where was it built? What reasons are behind the decisions of the interior design? Why did you choose a Cradle to Cradle Certified carpet? Or include fun facts!

It all adds value to the visit and creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for the guests in a new, exciting way.

Product information

Include information about the carpet, making it possible for purchasers or designers to easily find the design number and production date of the carpet.

Easen the work for the carpet fitters by including the installation plan – all while being invisible to the guests.


With a simple scan with their smartphone, you can provide your maintenance staff with easy access to cleaning guides.

In addition you could include information on which cleaning products or tools to use in a specific room.

How it works

The use case of Digimarc is a digital watermark that is hidden in the product packaging of groceries and daily products. This can be used to deliver product transparency, contextually-relevant experiences etc. with a simple smartphone scan using the Digimarc Discover app.

For our pilot project we have integrated a scannable pattern in the carpet design making it invisible to the naked eye. This means that only people with the knowledge about the watermark and the Digimarc Discover app can scan the carpet.

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