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Colortec ORIGIN is a Cradle to Cradle Certified® carpet solution made with undyed wool in nature’s own colour variations.

ORIGIN – wool carpets with absolutely no dye

The Colortec ORIGIN carpet solution is targeted the hospitality industry and operators that pay special attention to sustainability and responsible consumption, without compromising on aesthetics and design as an important part of the guest experience.

For this new carpet concept, we have been on a quest back to our origin – our core material – the WOOL.

Different breeds of sheep have different colours. By sourcing the natural undyed wool from black, brown, grey, golden and white sheep we have created a palette of 8 beautiful yarns, all created by mixing the raw wool – in different colours and from different sheep breeds.

The colour is mixed before the spinning process. It is a very meticulous process, done by hand, to ensure the right nuance.

A characteristic of the undyed wool is the natural colour variations which gives the yarn a beautiful heathered look, much like tweed. By avoiding dyeing the wool, we let the material show its unique original character.

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“The natural texture and colour variation in wool has inspired us to use undyed wool for our new ORIGIN Story.

The result is a beautiful range of designs – all made with undyed wool and with the luxurious addition of twist yarn as an interesting design element. The colour scale is naturally limited, but the possibilities are numerous, and the result is very elegant and interesting carpet designs.” – Dansk Wilton Design Team

Colortec ORIGIN is custom designed carpet solutions using a yarn blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Colortec ORIGIN is available with a wide range of performance characteristics, designed to be suitable for many spaces – from hotel rooms to high traffic public areas.

Colortec ORIGIN has been developed with larger and selected high-end hospitality projects in mind.

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Our Colortec ORIGIN carpet solutions are Cradle to Cradle Certified®

Colortec ORIGIN+ with our textile backing holds the Cradle to Cradle certification on Silver level.

Colortec ORIGIN with our integrated felt backing made from 80% recycled PET bottles holds the Cradle to Cradle certification on Bronze level.

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Back to the origin and towards a sustainable future

We seek originality and authenticity to an ever-increasing extent. We seek out original, unique experiences at our destinations, but are keenly aware of the environmental impact we create. We do not want to live without the adventures but prefer to act as responsibly as possible. We want to stay at hotels that make active, aware choices. We want our stays to be as eco-friendly and responsible as possible.

We also see the tendency to choose authentic interior design. We select genuine, straightforward materials for our living spaces, i.e. materials that are what they appear to be and embody what they are. Wood, stone, wickerwork, wool. Preferably from renewable resources. Preferably processed using such refined methods that the material looks as unprocessed and original as possible. And which are naturally produced under sustainable conditions. At Dansk Wilton we work towards sustainable carpet solutions and a sustainable future.


Colortec ORIGIN with a TWIST – an extra design dimension

DW TWIST has been chosen for some of the most exquisite projects around the globe, adding that little extra luxury.

DW TWIST combine hard-twisted yarn and normal velvet yarn creating an outstanding surface and a special 3D effect. The mix of yarns creates a shimmering texture offering a luxurious and unique carpet solution.

The extraordinary surface makes DW TWIST perfect for elegant hotel rooms and stylish suites.

DW TWIST range from 1100 g/m2 to 1500 g/m2.

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Facts on Colortec ORIGIN carpet solutions

Colortec ORIGIN carpets are manufactured with modern tufting technology. Colortec is, compared to woven carpets, a high output production.

Colortec ORIGIN provides unlimited design possibilities using up to 7 colours and qualities range from 1100 g/m2 to 1900 g/m2.

Dansk Wilton produces Colortec ORIGIN in 400 or 500 cm width. It comes with either a textile backing or an integrated felt backing which optimizes the handling process during installation. The felt backing is made from 80% recycled PET bottles.

Colortec ORIGIN carpets are used for areas where longevity and design flexibility are essential. We have a wide range of qualities suitable for all areas.

Colortec ORIGIN carpets from Dansk Wilton are Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

Dansk Wilton was the first carpet manufacturer in Europe to start production of Colortec carpet solutions.

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Benefits of our felt backing
Great acoustic performance, high comfort, and easy installation.

With our felt backing, made of recycled PET, you can improve the acoustics in rooms, corridors, and public spaces. Additionally, the felt backing supports a high walking comfort.

Another measurable advantage is the ease of installation, thus saving time and money in the installation process.