Colortec is a high quality carpet, which ensures the luxury touch and an all-over comfortable feeling combined with a high durability to reduce costs in refurbishing cycles.

Dansk Wilton Colortec carpet solutions for cruise ships and hotels

DW Contract Colortec

DW Contract Colortec

Colortec carpets are manufactured with modern tufting technology. Colortec is, compared to woven carpets, a high output production.

Colortec tufted carpets are not printed, but using the same type of pre-dyed woollen yarns as woven carpets. This gives the carpet a woven look and ensures great color brilliance and clear design definition.

Colortec provides unlimited design possibilities using up to 7 colours and qualities range from 1100 g/m2 to 1900 g/m2.

Dansk Wilton produces custom design Colortec carpets using only pre dyed yarns in an 80/20 wool blend. Colortec is produced in 400 or 500 cm width with an integrated felt backing which optimizes the handling process during installation.

Colortec carpets are used for areas where longevity and design flexibility are essential. We have a wide range of qualities suitable for all areas – from hotel rooms to high traffic public areas.

Dansk Wilton was the first carpet manufacturer in Europe to start production of Colortec carpet solutions.


Our wool blend:

Because quality is the very heart of what we do, we select materials of the finest quality.

Wool is still recognised as the best fibre for use in carpets and in a blend with nylon its wear properties improves. An 80/20 blend of wool/nylon is generally recognised as the most suitable and durable make up of a carpet for use in heavy traffic areas, for instance in hotels, on cruise liners, ferries, in restaurants, theatres, cinemas and casinos.

We use a wool blend consisting of the finest grades of British and New Zealand wool. This combination provides the best results, both in terms of expression and strength:

With New Zealand wools purity and whiteness, we can achieve lighter, more delicate shades and high clarity of colour. British wool is naturally tough because it has developed over thousands of years to protect Sheep from the harshest of conditions, making the wool suitable for carpet manufacturing.

A unique spiral crimp built into the wool fibre means a wool carpet will retain its look for longer because it has natural bounce-back abilities. The good capability to recover also makes walkways seem less worn and furniture marks less visible.

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Benefits of our felt backing
Great acoustic performance, high comfort, and easy installation.

With our felt backing, made of recycled PET, you can improve the acoustics in rooms, corridors, and public
spaces. Additionally, the felt backing supports a high walking comfort.

Another measurable advantage is the ease of installation, thus saving time and money in the installation process.

Optional: Antimicrobial treatment

All hotels and cruise ships build upon the already high standard of housekeeping, so why process your carpet with antimicrobial treatment?

Our antimicrobial treatment for the Colortec range is based on a unique Microbe Shield technology.

The treatment ensures that the carpet will not support microbial growth, guaranteeing an optimal freshness and hygiene for the carpet, without altering the look or feel.

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